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Total Annihilation
(aka TA)

Total Annihilation is a great game. It is a game of war, it is a game of strategy, it is a game of skill. One must play against another individual in real time simulation to eliminate the other guy. Like the Cold War, both sides race to build bigger and better weapons. But the game also has the common strategy of win by mass units. No matter how you choose to play, the game is always fun. It is similar to Age of Empires (AoE) and Star Craft (SC). Unlike AoE and SC, TA has fighting robots. Discover more at

The Krogoth


This is the mighty krogoth. It was an experimental unit designed for core to finally vanquish its ARM foes. It is consisted of 300% body armor and include massive heavy artillery. Its eyes shoot heavy lasers. He shoots anti air missiles from his head and rockets. He has a flame thrower and more heavy lasers lasers in his mouth. Both his arms can shoot heavy lasers and fire cannon shots from long distance. This is a unit that you don't want to face. The last mission of TA consisted of A LOT OF THESE GUYS where the whole goal is to just plainly survive. It personally took me 4 hours to beat this mission seeing as to how it is extremely difficult. Trying to eliminate one of these guys can wipe out a persons entire army. In Krogoth Encounter, the whole mission is to kill about 30 of these guys or so and their gantries that they are made in. Only the highest of commanders with clever tactics can survive such a gruesome map. Yet, it is addicting fun. If you see one of these suckers in a multiplayer game, RUN!!! and Good luck. ;-)

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