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Virtual Humans Questionnaire

Please provide us with the following information so I can complete my school project. Remember, all information will be kept confidential.

  1. What is your name please? (Optional)

  2. What is your email address?

    May I contact you if I have any inquiries?

  3. What school do you go to?


  4. What grade are you in?

    Please answer the next group of questions with numbers 1 to 10. Let 1 be the most negative reaction possible and 10 be the most positive.


  5. Do you think this kind of game holds potential for commercial development?


  6. How well did the characters appeal to your emotions?


  7. Were you bored?


  8. Did the Virtual Humans seem to be thinking?


  9. How would you rate your reaction?

  10. How long did you spend playing the game??

  11. What do you think of our game?
      How can we make it better?
      Who was your favorite Virtual Human?


Thank you for the time you spend on my test and questionnaire.

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